Who are we?

Have you already taken a good look at the yucca in the corner of your room? And we mean really looked. Zoomed in. With attention to the shape of its leaves and the thickness of its stem. With an eye for its shape and its color shades.

Isn't that incredible? How you suddenly notice things you had never seen before? How that yucca seems to transform before your eyes into a fantastic plant, a unique specimen, the showpiece of your collection.

Spoiler: that plant hasn't changed at all. You just looked beyond.

And there's more. Because yucca's are also unique growers. With the right nutrition and attention they develop into impressive specimens. They outgrow their corner in the room and show off meter-long leaves and large, white flowers and sweet fruits. They fight their way through drought and setbacks, reinvent themselves when you move them, and even then continue to grow unruffled.

What if your next IT consultants were cut from that cloth.

The good news? They are. Because we have a nose for spotting yucca's. For finding people with all that intrinsic potential and with that indestructible attitude of flexibility and perseverance. And we surround them with the right care. With a training program that is not one-size-fits-all, but is adapted to the skills and ambitions of the consultant and to the evolving market. That's why we offer them proactively a personal guidance plan, during and outside their projects. And that's why we always focus during our recruitment process to find people with passion and the wil lto continue growing.

Yes, you can trust what's in our people's CV. But feel free to have a look beyond it. Because there's a lot more to find there.